Monday, July 25, 2011

Woe is me....and the poor little baby!

Here is another post of many about my little niece Gia. She is teething and she is not a happy camper. Her teething woes definitely have not kept her from trying to crawl all over the house, bed and me! Last night she gave me the blues for sure. I have never seen her fight sleep for 3 hours. I thought I had done a good job in getting her to go down pretty early last night for her to sleep for 10 minutes! So ensued the drama! After about 2 hours of trying to play with her, rock her and sing her to sleep I just gave up and shot a quick video with the blankest expression on my face.

A good friend and I were laughing about this book I saw in borders a while back called "Go the F@#$ to sleep!"​otheFtoSleep Boy I could have used a laugh from reading it last night. I was fit to be tied!  I still might run out and get the book, I know I will need it again.
Oh...btw...she finally went to sleep and slept a pretty long time. Thank goodness!

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