Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two strand twists and lasagna!

Today is National lasagna day! Woohoooo! I love lasagna! Once again Jenny from Southern Savers has posted another awesome deal for the day! You can go to and check out all the Italian restaurants that are participating. Hopefully I will be able to make it to brio. I have a couple of clients scheduled this evening. Maybe I can squeeze in a quick bite. I need some me time while the niece is spending time with her mommie. A glass of wine and lasagna sounds just fine. That will be an awesome treat, especially if my hair turns out right today...
I have been on youtube checking out some natural hair tutorials and I ran across this chick "Jerseystylez". She made it look so easy. Very informative. All her styles were really nice.  Im pretty creative and have been doing my own hair when I have to since the age of 9. At 40 Id rather have someone else do it for me but if I can save some money I will do it myself. So I'm trying a style I saw on her youtube channel and we will see how it goes. My flat twist on the side already look nothing like hers but Im sure with some practice I will have it down. (Im sitting under the dryer right now)  I will post a pic and a video of my completed hair. (good or bad) and I will upload her video as well.

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