Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dont be Gilty (Guilty)

This is such an awesome site. offers deals for a limited time only. You can find deals for anything and everyone. They now offer a "taste' section for restaurants and food. The only catch is that you have to check in quite often to see what's new. But that shouldnt be problem because they always have something new and interesting.  Looking for a new bag for your vacation to Bermuda? Gilt will have the perfect bag and discounts on your week long vacay to Bermuda!
I know if you are working class like me the Bermuda vacay might still be just a dream. But isn't that view amazing? In my dream Im sitting right on the balcony of the beach house in Bermuda reaching inside my Hugh tote to grab a few pieces of TCHO Chocolates. A chocolate a day will keep the sadness away. I am a chocolate-chocolate addict! 

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