Sunday, August 7, 2011

I love youtube...and the world wide web!

I absolutely love youtube. If you need to learn how to do something and don't know how or where to get started I'm sure youtube has a tutorial for it. I love all the natural hair tutorials they have. I have done two styles already. I uploaded one not to long ago. I just did another one this afternoon. I will try to do a new hairstyle from one of the videos I find on youtube a week. I will also do my nails once a week from either something I found on credit where credit is due of course. Or just changing my color or type of nails I'm wearing.
I have also made myself a youtube channel. For what? Because I wanted to! LOL. It's in its cheezy stages right now but I am working on making it fab.
I also am trying to learn photoshop....they're tutorials for that. I watched some youtube video to figure out how to make a quick video with Windows movie maker. Super easy! Well here it is! Let me know what you think.